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Guide (FIN)

Guide (FIN)

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The Company

FUELK OY is a Finnish company that offers products for fuel maintenance, and an efficient operating model, with years of experience.

Fuelk Oy has been borne out of the needs of a Finnish forest machine company. We concentrate on making fuel maintenance more efficient, and over a period of ten years we have developed a solution for fuel maintenance together with forest machine entrepreneurs. Fuelk Oy brings together some of Finland’s toughest experts in the forest machine industry. The company was founded in late 2014 when the ownership was renewed.

We employ five people directly and approximately ten people indirectly. In addition to our know-how in the field of forest machines, we also have the solid ability to run a business. That’s why we know how the profitability of your company can also be grown.

The goal and the vision

Every forest machine and excavation entrepreneur deserves to know about the most efficient ways today to improve the profitability of their company and make their company run more efficiently. All the services and products we offer aim to do just that.

Fuelk Oy has achieved a significant position as the developers of fuel logistics of Finnish machine entrepreneurs. We deliver over 200 tanks to machine entrepreneurs every year, and the amount of fuel deliveries to the companies that use our services totals over ten million litres. Each new Fuelk customer increases the value of our custom to the fuel company. This is how we ensure a competitive price of fuel and reliable deliveries. Co-operation is power!

Our values

A happy customer

We are sincerely interested in our customers and want to be involved in the processes of our services. We have the desire to make your work more efficient.


We manufacture all our IBC containers in Finland and invest in the quality of our products.


We question old procedures and habits and think things through with a new perspective.


With Fuelk, you can make your forest machine and excavation company run more efficiently – you improve the degree of use of the machines, you can use your working hours on productive work, increase the number of machine working hours to be invoiced, and improve the profitability of your forest machine and excavation company.

Fuel as a service®

An easy way to supply fuel to worksites.

Excavation companies

Get to know our products custom-made for excavation companies.

Forest machine companies

Get to know our products custom-made for forest machine companies.


Familiarize yourself with all our products.

Career at Fuelk?

We are always interested in the top professionals of the forest machine industry. If you consider yourself an active top professional, we want to hear more about you. Apply for a job with us by contacting us through the contact form.

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