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Janne Sääskilahti: “We’re saving money – and we’re not going back to how things were.”

Ranua-based Janne Sääskilahti does forestry contracts with five machine chains and a staff of 17 men. All the machines are from John Deere, and the company has put its trust in them for 22 consecutive years. Every year, five machine chains use up hundreds of thousands of litres of fuel, which is delivered directly to the logging site into the Fuelk tanks.

“We are saving money all the time. I can recommend this system and Fuelk’s tanks,” Janne Sääskilahti says happily.

The first Fuelk tanks to be used by Sääskilahti’s machine chains were acquired approximately four years ago, and the experiences have been nothing but positive.

“It has made our work a great deal easier and faster, when we can forget about transporting fuel, and it’s delivered directly to where the machines are. Even the drivers say that there is no going back to how things used to be!” Fuelling is also quicker, when the drivers can move the tanks closer to the site in the forest, as the logging progresses.

”The empty tanks are always transported to a location where the tank truck can enter to fill them. The fuel is ordered to the logging sites every Monday  and a pending delivery is announced by S1 by a text message or phone call, so we can expect it,” Janne Sääskilahti describes the model.


Janne Sääskilahti calculates that thanks to Fuelk, he saves money in several ways compared to his old procedure.

“Firstly, we don’t have to drive fuel around anymore. The costs of a van, the wear and tear of the car and the driver’s salary are saved, fuelling is faster, when we don’t constantly have to drive on idle, and tanks don’t have to be secured when they are moved, so we don’t lose any working time there either,” Janne Sääskilahti lists.

A significant amount of money has also been saved through the maintenance costs of the machines, which have become smaller since the company began to use Fuelk tanks.

“We don’t have any fuel problems anymore, when we always run the machines on fresh fuel.” The weather could allow for the use of a summer grade fuel, also making the price lower.

Janne Sääskilahti says that they also face less reparation work on the jets of the fuel systems, allowing them to use the machinery more efficiently all the time.

“It increases the efficiency and profitability of our operations.”


One of the main goals of Sääskipuu Oy has been to take care of the safety of the drivers and other personnel on the logging sites. The machinery is constantly renewed, and attention is paid to safe working methods.

“Previously there were some pretty big safety and environmental risks involved in transporting fuel. A small van was used to transport large tanks that were inadequately secured and filled with flammable liquid. It can be quite a bomb, when there is a crash and the tank lands in the lap of the driver and the approaching car,” Janne Sääskilahti describes.

“There are still quite a few of those who transport fuel on the road. It’s very dangerous to them and the environment. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers still don’t acknowledge this risk.

We secure the Fuelk tanks to the trailer and they are mainly moved empty.” Loading the tanks is fast when they do not have to be secured separately and the work can be done easily with a loader.

“That is the kind of practicality that I appreciate about Fuelk,” Janne Sääskilahti says.

Janne Sääskilahti

Sääskipuu Oy

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