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How to save at least 4000€ a year?

How to save at least 4000€ a year?

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Holm & Uusitalo

“Fuelk allows us to focus on the work alone.”

Ari Holm and Mikko Uusitalo, who do contract work in the area of northern Central Finland, carry out logging work with five machine chains and employ 18 staff. “Ten machines are moved in two shifts, so we use a great deal of fuel,” Ari Holm, the CEO of the company, explains. The company was founded in 1973 and the current owners have arrivedin the company through a generational shift and the expansion of the ownership.

An experiment produced a happy surprise

The entrepreneurs’ co-operation with Fuelk began in the summer of 2015. “We ordered the first Fuelk tanks as an experiment, and it has certainly paid off!” Ari Holm elaborates. Now they have four tanks, which are used by two machine chains that work further afield. The fuel is still delivered with a fuel trailer to sites that are located near the company’s own machine warehouse, as well as to the combine harvester, if it’s working on site alone. ”Fuelk’s fuel tanks are most useful when a combine harvester and a forwarder are working on the same patch and a lot of fuel is used. We save a lot of time and effort when a tank truck brings the fuel straight to the patch,” Ari describes the advantages of the co-operation.

Placing orders made easy on the phone

Ari Holm says that he is satisfied with the manoeuvrability and technical features of Fuelk’s tanks. Placing orders is also easy. “When the first tank is empty, the driver places an order with the fuel company, letting them know about the kind and amount we need, as well as information on the location.” The fuel is usually delivered within 1-3 days. “We have quickly learned to monitor the fuel levels and predict new orders. Everything works well and we have never run out of petrol,” Ari says.

“We have saved a lot of money in time and wages, when hauling fuel has been moved away from the drivers, who now can concentrate on logging and driving,” Ari Holm goes on. Security is also an important aspect to be taken into consideration when handling and transporting fuel. In the future, we must consider buying additional fuel tanks if our construction sites are located further from our own area.

Ari Holm also commends Fuelk’s service attitude and attention to how things are done. “I can warmly recommend the system and co-operation with Fuelk to other entrepreneurs in the machine business,” Ari Holm concludes.